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The IDEAL project can be split into 8 work packages (WP’s) of equal importance. WP1 and WP8 form an integral part of the entire set-up and run alongside the entire project period. The other WP’s contain the appropriate phases of preparation (WP2), implementation and monitoring (WP3, WP4 and WP5), and evaluation (WP6 and WP7).

Work Package 1: Project and Data Management

WP1 focuses on the organizational, administrative and financial management of the project. Its main aim is to ensure that the project meets all of its objectives on time, at a high level of quality and within the allocated budget. In addition, it will manage and facilitate a continuous flow of information and exchange between the project and the European Commission as well as among the partner organisations.


Work Package 2: Inventory of current best practice in 7 EU-countries

WP2 provides a general overview, and inventory of the current situation of ID-sport on micro-, meso- and macro level, in seven case-study countries within the EU. The current best practices will be identified and this inventory will provide the basis for a thorough needs analysis across the EU.


Work Package 2a: Micro—Review personal factors underlying sport participation

WP2a focuses on the individual with ID, and the personal factors underlying sports participation and/or sedentary behavior.


Work Package 2b: Meso—Review best practice in ID-coaching

WP2b focuses on the coach-athlete relationship, which was identified as the main facilitator of long-term involvement in sport.


Work Package 2c: Macro: review sport organisations, programmes, & structures

WP2c will focus on the different national and local approaches to the organization of ID-sport across the EU.


Work Package 3: Gap analysis and proposition of framework

In WP3, the objective is to pinpoint the existing gap between the empirical findings and the theoretical background. The conceptual work will be processed through interdisciplinary and inter-organisational collaboration. A special concern will be focused on the alignment of the conceptual framework with evidence-based practice in international classification for individuals with ID in competitive events.


Work Package 4: Exchange of best practices and pilot interventions in focus sports

The aim of WP4 is to develop a comprehensive understanding of how successful strategies have been developed, by drawing on the experiences of some of Europe’s most successful ID-sport initiatives.


Work Package 4a: Team sports

WP4a focuses on the development of basketball as an IDEAL team sport for people with ID, to participate on all levels—from grassroots (initiation) to elite.


Work Package 4b: Winter sports

WP4b focuses on the development of Nordic skiing as an IDEAL winter activity for people with ID, to participate on all levels—from grassroots (initiation) to elite.


Work Package 4c: Aquatic activities

WP4c focuses on the development of swimming as an IDEAL aquatic activity for people with ID, to participate on all levels—from grassroots (initiation) to elite.


Work Package 4d: Athletics

WP4c focuses on the development of athletics (track and field) as an IDEAL activity for people with ID, to participate on all levels—from grassroots (initiation) to elite.


Work Package 5: Role models and ambassadors

The aim of WP5 is to showcase elite athletes with ID, acting as role models for all individuals with ID across the EU.


Work Package 6: Evaluation – expert meeting

In WP6, the pre-design of the EU standards and guidelines for high quality interventions will be performed, based on the actions and interventions organised during WP4.


Work Package 7: Guidelines & recommendations

WP7 focuses on translating research results into guidelines and ICT tools, in collaboration with the most important stakeholders, and assess the usefulness and ease of use of the resulting guidelines with a view to optimising the wider uptake of project results


Work Package 8: Dissemination and exploitation

Dissemination and impact are crucial phases of the project, to assure the visibility and involve the specific target groups and general public in the project activities. This will be the main target of WP8.


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